There’s one simple rule when it comes to cleaning luxury leather jackets

If it really needs a wash take it to a leather expert

Before doing anything to your jacket please refer to the Jacket Care Instructions that can be found on the inner left side of your jacket.



  • Take it to a leather expert for cleaning
  • Hang your jacket in a shady, airy place if wet
  • Use a wide hanger to hang your jacket
  • Use leather protector, Stain proof spray
  • Use leather conditioners once in a while
  • Read care labels & care booklet


  • Machine wash your jacket
  • Hang your jacket in direct sunlight when wet
  • Fold your jacket in off season
  • Use products made for materials other than leather
  • Oil your jacket too often
  • Try home made chemicals


Nubuck is a special type of leather and it requires special care since it’s prone to absorb dust particles like a sponge. It is advised to protect your Nubuck jacket with waterproofing and stain-proofing sprays. They’re easily available in the market under different brands select a Nubuck specific spray and you’re good to go. For maximum protection it’s best that you refresh treatment with spray coats every year.


These are odorless and colorless liquids that can be sprayed directly onto your jackets. These protectors typically save the jacket from water, oil, dirt and any other such material that can leave stains on your jacket.


Leather conditioners are used to keep leather from drying out or cracking. It is important to check which leather conditioner is suitable for the type of leather used in your jacket specially for nubuck or suede leather.

Ingredients like mink oil, neatsfoot oil and other natural animal oils are ideal conditioners but they tend to darken the leather.

Never use any products that contain mineral oil or petroleum as it will damage your jacket.

Please be advised that there are different types of leather conditioners available for different types of leather. Get one that suits the type your jacket is made with.