After observing the ruthless fast fashion practices we wanted to change them! It started when Zia Ghafoor, who happened to be a leather enthusiast, got a chance to observe the industry while his stay in the UK. “I saw high-end brands selling leather products at crazy retail prices. When they cost a quarter of it and the craftsmen were paid next to nothing. It was then that i decided to do something about it.” Zia Ghafoor recalled. Fast forward a couple years Zia got back from England to Sialkot, Pakistan. A city famous worldwide for its leather products including the international Fifa balls. He observed that the leather products he saw in London manufactured here at really low costs but the creators never got to see a fraction of the money it made. Courtesy of middlemen margins and heavy marketing campaigns. “The fact that the profit-sharing-ratio with the craftsmen was the lowest, gave me jitters” He further added.


MONT5 is a concept that aims to connect leather enthusiasts, directly with the craftsmen. Cutting the middlemen out and giving the benefits to the consumer and the craftsmen. We source everything locally, playing our part in helping the local industry and keeping the carbon footprint our products low. All our products are long lasting and our packaging recycled and reusable. We spend less on marketing and let our customers buy custom made, handcrafted leather products at affordable price marks, but will also share the fruit with the craftsmen.


Our core values are driven by our commitment to provide the best quality to our customers, improving the lives of the people who work with us. Operating at a high standard of ethical integrity, creating business channels that aim at the revival of craftsmanship and challenge the status quo high-end brands.


After rigorous research, prototyping and testing the waters. It was time to raise funds to acquire the finest leather specially tanned. For the funds MONT5 reached to the backers community on kickstarter. Who loved the idea and backed MONT5 up with $42,097 in a month, 234% of the desired goal. This was a huge success for the team. As promised to the backers their MONT5’s were delivered successfully on time and received great reviews


There are 14 peaks in the world that are 8000+ meters high 5 of them are in Pakistan. These mountains became our inspiration and align perfectly with the core values of the company. To create something that’s timeless and rugged to stand the test of the times. ORDER TODAY AND GET YOUR MONT5 IN 3 WEEKS SHOP NOW